Love – A feeling in the dark!!!

I love you, perhaps no more
As I stare at the deep blue sky not knowing what to do,
Thoughts come rushing along
For I understand the harsh reality of you not having loved me even once,
Although how much and how long I showed you mine,
You kept going far and far beyond, leaving me in total darkness.

Not to be blamed you are, not a mandate for you to depict your love towards me
As I stand gazing at you!
I understand you will no longer be mine
The pain devised was though unbearable
But one ought to understand the reality
You did not love me even once in your life

With great grief and sorrow I understand,
The harsh truth, love is not a commodity to be bought,
For the value you give.
Privileged those guys are, who are with their soulmates found
But for me, I’m staring at the dark
Hoping for a ray of light to brighten up my depleted soul

Time heals everything is what we hear,
But the forever scar of seeing the love of your life with someone
Has torn me apart to even go beyond recognition

The cosmic law prologues, you get what you give
Though I never got mine
All I have left with me is a total void,
a feeling of comfort,In total darkness
The grief seems to be never ending, but now I
Realise about love, and it is not always in bright light
And not all stories are happy ending

I envy the truth, love is not necessarily
Always two sided
For some, love always stands in the dark,
Like a Feeling in the dark!!!


To be Alone

As I stand gazing at the ocean, a lot of thoughts sip through touching my soul and mind alike.

I recall the people I met, a lot of them – friends, peers, family and other respectful personalities with whom.i have come a long way. Everybody gets busy in their lives at one point or the other, some may move abroad, some may get married and it’s a whole new life through, while others choose to hide behind their busy work schedule.

We feel the need to be connected with others, we believe our life is not complete without certain people in our lives – a certain myth believed by almost everyone of us. Well the fact is, it’s always important to also have a little me time, to be in the company of yourself. All of us think this way which like to part with each and everyone and live this life with full of fun. A point comes where the people who we value the most may not have any more time left in their purse to grant us and what does that makes us feel? Yes, we feel dissapointed and deserted.

To be very honest it is highly unlikely to blame them, because they do have their priorities and maybe we are not part of theirs. In such a situation we go blank, just move up and down without knowing what you are doing, some might even say we are doing a lot of drama. Well, most of them do not really understand what we are going through and it is of paramount importance to not disturb others amidst all this. In simple terms, this is what we call life. People meet new individuals, they forget their old ones either because of new people or heavy work schedule and family to look after. Perhaps a little time management might actually help them, though it is not easy to come by.

What can we learn out of all this? The first question we need to ask ourself is do we need those people to make ourself happier?? The answer is No. A big No.

If we just take a bit of time out, and look back we can very well understand the journey of ours up until here has been walked by us alone all this time. It is true that we have met a lot of people but you my dear friend have lived it all by yourself. Others are there for guidance, some for lessons, some might even stay till the very end but most of them would leave us at one point of time. The important fact is we ourselves are responsible for being happy and we do not need others to make us happy.

Take for instance, you get a week off, just pack your bags, take a camera and walk off to unexplored territories and just see the change that brings to you. You will soon understand or rather realise that you are the sole reason for your happiness and others may not be needed nonetheless.

Have a look back and see the wonderful legacy you have unravelled all by yourself, we get a small smile on your face. Being in others company are good for socialising, but being in your own company can get yourself into a state of peace and happiness.

But are we really alone?? Again a big No would be my answer. From the day we were born, up until here we been walking side by side by God Almighty himself. So what if we are alone, what if we do not have any friends.. HE is always and shall remain with us all the time. All you need to is to look for HIM and you will find HIM right next to you!!!

All it takes is to believe in yourself and believe in HIM, you will never be alone no matter who is not with you or are not having time/ignoring you.

Do not worry!! Just chill buddy!!

Trust, Believe and Success

In this evergrowing world, these words are rather heard distinctively. Everyone strives to be successful in their respective careers ,but do everyone have the patience to endure obstacles and roadblocks ? Do we have the know how on overcoming these roadblocks ? Or do we call it a shot and say, we cannot get it done at the earliest?Today’s youth-the coming generation,I am afraid, does not have the onus in them to sustain a situation let alone overcoming them. How many times have we often heard or seen incidents like people going into depression or perhaps even worse situations.

One has to always keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to achieve your goals and remember that goals are not always visible. It comes in disguise, onus is on oneself to understand and move towards it. Setbacks are always present in our everyday life be it personal or professional. All one needs to do is to remain calm and wait for the right time to get back on top. Try to find out positives in ones situation, draw inspiration out of it and let’s move forward. What do we need to do in order to draw inspiration? Trust. Yes, it is that one needs to trust his instincts and believe that he/she is capable of getting things done.

For us to feel demotivated or to see as a failure to get things done may be attributed to factors like peer pressure and our own expectations. So what if the other person is doing better than you..let he/she carry on. All you need to believe is in your hard work and abilities and try to nurture them and polish them. Let the others make the noise, why don’t you jus work hard in silence and let the hard work make the noise. For this, trust and belief in oneself are absolutely necessary. Always trust the situation, believe that the situation is there for you to learn something. Certain people may taste success real soon while some may get delayed. It is not about the time what takes but what gets you there which matters.

Always remember that there are no failures in life, it’s all about ones choices and perceptions. Some choices may not yield the required results but you may learn something completely new or something which may change you for the world of good. Take life as it is, life will throw problems but can we not keep it simple?. As a quote let me say, trust the situation, believe in yourself and Success would follow. For all this to happen the fourth ingredient is patience. Patiently wait for your chance, the chance for you to rise to the occasion is not far off… All you need to do is believe….

My Forever Best friend

I feel privileged to write about you in this blog of mine. Its been close to a decade that I have known you .Our paths were different initially to start with, during the due course of time our paths did meet .
When I first met you ,you were the naughty crazy girl who just cherished life as it is. I didn’t even have the slightest of hopes or dreams ,that you will be the one who I bank and trust on every now and then. After our initial burst in college,both of us parted ways .Our friend circles diversified ,yet we never forgot to stay in contact.
It was infact after a well set time frame that both of us really started opening up towards one another. You had become completely a new individual ,you character,your charisma all bore a very positive out frame. As time flew by,I too had my fair share of changes ,yours were one character that I admire the most and do respect the more of it.
You have grown leaps and bounds,you are too understanding,the patience that you got — I would like to call this as God’s gift.Im highly surprised by the positive vibes you get to the table,even if there’s a negative situation going on., you stand your ground with such cool and calm composure ,you figure out a solution on your own ,which is very pleasing for others to see .
You are one of my biggest strength,I feel proud to say ,I do have a friend like you . But you are not just a friend alone,you are an elder sister, a second mother ,and all what I could ask from Almighty to be seen on someone.,you are all of those!!!
I feel the guy who you going to engaged with, he’s the most luckies person on this world,to find a girl’s with virtue of such qualities is very rare in today’s life.
There were times where we have fought with/without reasons ,we didn’t even speak for months.,but that feeling we have towards one another never died away. Feelings for you will remain fresh, no matter what happens or wherever you go.,I just have only one person in this world to call as my own and that’s you.
When I do see you,it’s a certain delight that fills my 💓 .,You will be forever my best friend,you are indeed the best!!!

I’ll love you forever

It all started with your smile – the charisma of which was more assuring.A very way of getting positivism around you;it had all sorts of comfort that one would look for. I had known you for a very long time , and in around then , yeah a feeling slowly started blooming inside me.

Like a flower blooming under sunlight and the rain, this thought of yours in me had the power to take it all the way.Both of us were comfortable with each other , I had the feeling that we could work things out, but alas!!! fate had other plans. In the due mean time, your behavior started changing.Your character which I had high regards and respect for,slowly started fading away. I was finding it hard to digest ,as you were fast falling from the normal person who i loved to spend time with.Although I kept quiet, I was observing all these behavioral changes happening; i considered the relation with you to be of far more importance.But the situation never got better.

Your attitude which was your biggest strengths took a big slope down hill as you started behaving immaturely.Perhaps, it might have been because of the fact that i loved you that forced you to act likewise. I’m sorry.

There were a lot of misunderstandings brewing, and you never took the effort to or never even tried to get things back on track.You had started distancing me from all your work citing excuses which was never a good sign.In spite of all this ,I could see your good heart through, your understanding nature had gotten you a very strong place deep inside me.

I wanted to see you as a friend solely,because for me it is all these little things which mattered.But you hit me straight in the heat; the once understanding girl you were no longer.

You were manipulative , you cherished at every moment of it. I was all but letting it go by. We had a lot of fights, the feeling of being ignored and frustrated pushed me to my limits too. It was time to break off and it happened.

It has been quite a while since we had even spoken after that incident. I do not know if you still care for me or even try to , but that understanding nature and loving and calm oneself , is still hard to forget; though you have hidden it nicely from me.GOD might have had a plan after all, maybe i was supposed to find the hard way. I sort of did.I keep asking this question to the Almighty almost every day, unfortunately , the answer, i never received.

I was finding it hard to forget you , I still am.For that loving heart I saw in yours, no matter how you try to hide it, i cannot let you go away from me.I’m not sure if you are with someone and even if you are , all I care is about your happiness and well being.

My best friend did ask me ,will i be able to love someone else the way I loved you.At then I had no answer , but now i do have.

No i cannot.I can only love you, I cannot think of anyone else.This answer, i’M submitting to God Almighty, for I have finally made my choice , I have got the answer  which i was looking for all these years.

I’m willing to forget all what happened, for I only care about that loving heart of yours. I need only you.

I do not know if you will read this, or even if you do read , will you understand is still anyone’s guess. I have brought this upon myself and I’m more happy to take this choice ; for i cannot move on from you.You might end up with someone better than me, but I’m happy, because I finally got the answer for the question which was haunting me for all these years.I’ll prefer to not marry, and if i do marry ,I humbly request The God Almighty to have you as my better half.

There was a saying by anonymous, that there is a real pleasure to wait for someone who doesn’t love you back.

I conclude my choice here, in the hope for God Almighty to show His Miracle once more.This answer is a written statement to God Himself, and to you of course. I cannot forget you. I’ll love you forever…….

Honor Killing

Very heinous as it sounds. A dangerous word and furthermore a dangerous act of human injustice and violation.Though we are a developing nation ,I feel so disgraceful to even say that honour killing has become more common these days.Every day we hear such stories and is heart whelming to see the situation of those affected.

For some it’s their daughter and for some others it’s their son being missed in the name of caste and religion.Before you decide to take this extreme step to eradicate someone of their existence,do remember jus the same how your daughter/son are to you, their significant other do have a family.Just imagine the agony they have to face ,when they see their son/daughter lying right in front of them.Even more heinous is the strong fact that for which ,they get murdered ruthlessly in front of their parents or husband/wife . What do you gain by doing this!!!

This universe is made of love,just the same way how you yourself has the right to live ,the others do have their own rights.It is a great violation of humanity and great injustice to the society.

It’s highly imperative that,this way of thinking from the society do change aptly in the interest of the nation and in the interest of the people and their loved ones. Make this world a great and a safe place for it’s people to reside peacefully and live harmony.


Nature – trees and animals being the very examples of harmony.A spontaneous question which arises here, what about us Humans? There should be harmony amongst people in the world we say, not every time the same holds content with our everyday situations. It is also of prior importance to have the same harmony amongst ourselves, for us ,as we know our mind is never at rest. we always observe birds and animals, the nature , we sometimes do say to observe Harmony amongst nature’s creations.If so, why do we, who are one of natures own creation, are never in a peace of mind? Our mind is always like a river, keeps moving but is never at rest. Likewise we keep our mind moving all the time, we tend to worry about tomorrow,for it is the future that we all look upto.

What has the future got in store for us? This is one question which we keep pondering about very often.The more we worry about our future,the more we are missing on the present aspect of life and more we are not keeping our life in balance. It is always said , “A sound mind and body keeps ourselves at peace all the time” .A well written verse, which is also the most forgotten. Can we just reflect on what happened during the day and be happy for what we did rather than thinking what to do tomorrow? Is that really required to think about tomorrow? When our mind and body are in sync is when we reach Harmony. It is that peaceful mind and a peaceful sense that all of us crave for but many a times most of us do not find that balance amongst ourselves. Why cannot we achieve harmony or a peaceful mind? Are we getting too anxious about what is happening and what is going to happen? The answer is a yes, absolutely .It’s the problem with our human minds that we tend to worry about the unknown rather than reflecting on what we have done so far.We are far from settled, when our mind and our brain are in sync , it is then we are in harmony .It is easier said than done.It is not really easy for most of us , including me who is writing this , to achieve the sync amongst our mind and brain to be in that peaceful state of mind.

Say, a situation where one is sitting by the riverside, just keep your mind empty and listen to the sound of nature; enjoy the beauty of surroundings, one can experience a sense of calm.slowly creeping into us. Likewise, when we have or face tough situations, just try to remain calm and observe the way how any situation unfolds. It can so be like many a times, we get the answer from how the situation unfolds itself. A good way to achieve the same would be like to practice Yoga or Meditation. Always remember, a calm mind can achieve many a things quite unlike a troubled mind.

What I can say as a writer would be to stop worrying about what is going to happen, instead let’s just reflect on what is happening right now and be content with what we have got with us at present. Let’s achieve that state of mind where we are in harmony and peace.